Design a clock that fits your taste and wake up to the sound of your favorite tunes! Design Your Clock even displays the outside temperature and is your personal weather guide - wherever you are!

Choose color, size and position! You want it stylish, glamorous or professional? You've got the choice!

  • Units and Time-Formats that fit your local standard.
  • Music Alarm (also works if display is switched off!)
  • 6 unique wake-up sounds or a song from your music collection
    Adjustable snooze time settings + week day selection
  • Weather
  • Detects your local GPS position and displays the weather of your town in beautiful icons
    Displays wind, humidity and current condition
    Forecast for the next 4 days
    Update every 30 minutes
  • Digital Clock
  • 6 different styles
    Choose if seconds shall be hidden or displayed
  • Analog Clock
  • 5 different styles that vary from modern to classic
  • Background
  • 9 beautiful background patterns in all colors
    Or choose your own picture from your personal photo-library
  • Date Display
  • 6 different styles
Have fun and be creative!
Now only: $2.99